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Signant SmartSignals® Unified Platform

A simple-to-use and rapid-to-implement, single,
integrated eClinical platform that meets the needs of modern clinical trials​.


Designing and running clinical trials in an increasingly complex clinical and regulatory landscape is no easy task. Juggling many technology systems, logins, and vendors for each trial only increases complexities.

Sponsors and contract research organizations have been asking for a simpler experience without compromising data quality, user experience, or functionality. That’s where our SmartSignals Unified Platform can help.

Unified Platform, Proven Results

SmartSignals Unified Platform delivers a unified and fully integrated platform of key technologies to streamline data capture and trial management. Customers can choose to implement some or all of the solutions including EDC/DDC, eCOA, eConsent, RTSM, Participant Tracker, and TeleVisits.

A single, configurable designer is used to build each study – whether using a single standalone solution, or the whole platform. Built on a single database, there is no need to provide back-end integrations between platform solutions. Further, users benefit from single sign on, and workflows that enable invisible movement between solutions.

The platform has successfully supported more than 3,000 clinical trials, from simple to the most complex, throughout its 30+ year history, so you can be confident it will support your protocols and programs.

Explore the Unified Platform Solutions


The RTSM module built into our Unified Platform provides robust and reliable randomization and medication supply chain management, through simple and intuitive interfaces. Combined with depot and CMO integrations, RTSM drives efficient and transparent processes.


The integrated eConsent module within our Unified Platform enables configurable workflow for consent and reconsent, including the incorporation of legally authorized representatives and witness signatures, and can be used for fully remote or on-site consenting.


TeleVisits provides secure, compliant video connectivity between site and patient, that can be used alongside EDC, eConsent, and eCOA. It is optimized for low bandwidth operation, works on any web-enabled device, and supports ad-hoc and scheduled TeleVisit meetings.

Participant Tracker

With our integrated Participant Tracker, study teams get transparent management and oversight of pre-screening activity by providing sites with a single, central location to track and manage patient enrolment, including recruitment vendor integration.

Four Reasons Sponsors & CROs Love SmartSignals Unified Platform


Simplified User Experience

  • A single access point and a single set of user credentials enables access to all platform components through a single URL and a single sign on, including EDC/DDC, eCOA, eConsent, RTSM, Participant Tracker, and TeleVisits.
  • Converged, guided workflow means users move invisibly between applications – simplifying the user experience
  • Reduced site training requirements
  • Reduced site burden means more time for mission-critical study activities and more time with patients.

Rapid Setup

  • A single configurable designer enables implementation in just 4-6 weeks.
  • Highly-configurable, no-software-coding designer tools accelerate study builds.
  • A growing library of eCRFs and eCOA measures, with standard edit checks, facilitates easy reuse.

Self- or Full-Service Models

  • A single, intuitive, no-software-coding designer enables Sponsors and CROs to easily design, configure, and put live their own studies; and apply seamless mid-study changes; all with minimal training.
  • Self- or full-service implementation models empower study teams to choose the best approach for their needs and goals.

Backed by the expertise and scale of Signant Health

  • Science – Our experienced science and medicine, eCOA science, and RTSM specialist teams ensure optimal study design and best-practices are implemented​
  • ​Logistics – Where needed, our in-house logistics service ensures all sites and patients across the globe receive fully-configured and tested eCOA devices on time​
  • ​Translations and scale management – Signant experts work with eCOA scale authors and translation vendors to ensure right scales, with right versions, and reliable translations ​
  • ​Patient-facing helpdesk – Our 24/7, multilingual helpdesk ensures sites and patients have the support they need, when they need it

Want to learn more?

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