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Forecasting & Planning

The most mature clinical supply planning process

Plan clinical supplies accurately and meet the study's manufacturing needs.

Save over 20% on your annual budget

  • Reduce the risk of medication shortage impacting trials
    Our accurate forecasting and production planning tools help you manufacture just what your study requires.
  • Save time managing IP manufacture and release
    Use our easy-to-use tools for full control and visibility of the manufacturing process.
  • Save time and prevent errors by demonstrating full drug accountability
    Manage and track the full chain of custody of each medication unit from manufacture to dispensing, returns, reconciliation, and destruction.
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A better way to overcome supply chain challenges

All studies face disruptions such as protocol amendments, undefined doses, unexpected recruitment rates, batch failures, and unavailable raw materials. International studies bring additional complications as the currencies, tax structures, government fees, regulations, conversion rates, and site costs vary.

Only a cloud-based clinical supply chain management system can sufficiently address these situations by:


Improving data accuracy


Simplifying through automation


Optimizing spend


Reducing stock & waste

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Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

  • The Forecasting and Planning module of Signant SmartSignals Supplies is the industry’s only fully integrated solution that puts you in full control of your clinical supply chain. Our easy-to-learn, web-enabled solution combines short- and long-range planning to replicate current processes. The flexible, user-friendly interface allows you to choose the approach that works best for you as well as incrementally add the level of detail as more protocol information becomes available.  
  • Offering enterprise-wide visibility, our software application dynamically graphs your supply and demand before suggesting optimal manufacturing plans. A rigorous but simple monthly planning process ensures an accurate demand and supply position. 
  • Signant Health offers so much more than the best technology for clinical supply chain management. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts can support companies at any scale, no matter how long it takes. 

How Forecasting & Planning works:


Data is populated into the system in a standard format regardless of protocol complexity. 


Recruitment is reviewed and revised monthly before automatically updating the demand. 


Monthly allocations of stock ensure timely reservation and facilitate pooling. 


Visual dashboards and algorithms help you to quickly update and manage supplies. 

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