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Signant SmartSignals eCOA

Central Rating

A scale administration and scoring service by highly skilled raters  

Capitalize on remote technology

  • Access specialized raters
    Remote capabilities allows us to employ the most experienced raters, regardless of their location. 
  • Enhance operational efficiency 
    Central raters are supported by operational teams using telemedicine platforms, scheduling, and recording tools for reliable and effective assessments.
  • Improve collected data
    A smaller team of central raters means you can robustly dedicate your calibration training and quality assurance in the service of data reliability. 
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Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

  • To become certified, each rater must complete our rater trainingwhich focuses administration and scoring of the instrument when administered virtually, interview skills, and managing placebo response 


  • As part of rater training and throughout the study, central raters are assessed on intra- and inter-rater reliability. We also audio-record every interview so that a secondary review can be conducted for quality assurance. 


  • Plus, our large international rater network supports any local language needed.  

Our global network of clinical consultants:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Signant have experience doing Central Rating?

Signant has over 13 years of experience providing Central Raters, Central Rater training, Central Rating calibration, as well as offering complete operational and technical support. Our team will help with scheduling, managing telemedicine platforms, and eCOA data collection.

Are your Central Raters experienced in Central Rating?

Our Central Raters have experience across many indications, including psychiatry and neurology. We proud to maintain trained and calibrated Central Rater Monitors in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions.

What is a rater training program?

A rater training program teaches a team of raters to consistently administer and score for quality data.

What is centralized monitoring in clinical trials?

Centralized monitoring is the remote patient evaluation conducted by sponsor personnel that is reviewed for inconsistencies or protocol deviations, ensuring the highest data quality. Centralized monitoring provides statistical clinical analyses to compare data within and between patients as well as among sites to uncover poor performance or noncompliance.

Want to learn more?

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