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Central Rating

A scale administration and scoring service by highly skilled raters  

Central vs site-based raters

On-site raters can make it difficult to maintain unbiased administration and scoring of an instrument, especially in cases where a compound may cause functional unblinding due to side effects. Today’s telemedicine enables calibrated raters to virtually administer screenings.
Independent from study sites, these remote raters also do not experience the same enrollment or scoring pressures, further keeping the biases at bay. 

Why choose SmartSignals?

  • To become certified, each rater must complete our rater trainingwhich focuses administration and scoring of the instrument when administered virtually, interview skills, and managing placebo response 


  • As part of rater training and throughout the study, central raters are assessed on intra- and inter-rater reliability. We also audio-record every interview so that a secondary review can be conducted for quality assurance. 


  • Plus, our large international rater network supports any local language needed.  

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