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Language Management

Consistent meanings, consistent results 

Comprehension is key

Localization has always been a critical consideration in the development of new therapies and treatments. The shift towards more foreign trials and the proliferation of virtual trials continues to dramatically increase demand for accurate translations and localizations of all study documentation from enrollment through consent, scale management, and even supply stocking labels.

Poor translations can have drastic impacts on a trial if not executed properly – they can result in invalid or unusable data, rejection of submissions to ethics and regulatory authorities, retraction of copyright permissions, or extended timelines and unexpected costs.

Don’t risk your study by overlooking this critical step. When you partner with Signant Health, we ensure your study is fully localized and linguistically validated from end to end.  


Localize studies & programs

  • Signant Health’s comprehensive suite of clinical research technology solutions including our RTSMeCOAeConsent, Patient Concierge, Rater Training & Qualificationand Site Enablement solutions already include dozens of built-in languages 
  • When your trial requires support for additional languages, we follow an ISPOR-compliant process to translate, back translate, reconcile, harmonize, and validate translations, ensuring native speakers fully comprehend study-related information in the same way as its source documentation intends 
  • Signant Health can supply the experience and resources needed to ensure your study undergoes the full linguistic validation process, so you can be confident all participants share consistency of understanding and that your research produces verifiable, accurate evidence 

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