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eCaselink EDC/DDC

Comprehensive EDC/DDC solution with a 30-year track record,
backed by the global reach and resources of Signant Biotech.

A leading EDC/DDC solution for modern clinical trials

Modern clinical trials need simple yet comprehensive and agile EDC capabilities. From mobile-enablement for eSource collection at site and during decentralized home visits to remote source data verification (SDV) capabilities that reduce travel requirements for CRAs, eCaseLink EDC/DDC provides these and more.

Four reasons customers love eCaseLink EDC/DDC

Whether using our full-service option or building your own EDC studies using self-service, our customers love eCaseLink EDC/DDC.​​

Ease of Use

Sites love our intuitive interfaces which make it easy to get their jobs done and clearly direct them to the next activities needed. 

Sponsors love eCaseLink for CRA workflow direction and convenient integration capabilities. 

Self-service users love our easy-to-use, no-coding design interface as well as the extensive library of eCRFs, edit checks, and custom functions provided out-of-the-box.


Our no-coding EDC accommodates both simple and highly complex study designs. 

Even the most complex oncology study with undefined numbers of cycles, and different cycle lengths across study arms, can be easily accommodated.

Exceptional service

Full-service and self-service customers are delighted by our attentive service. We do the heavy lifting, leaving your team to focus on other aspects of study start up.

No customer is too small, and no question unimportant. Our project managers and support teams are on your side.

Why choose Signant’s eCaseLink EDC/DDC?​

1. Rapid implementation​

2. Flexible configuration for simple and complex studies alike​

3. No-coding study design​

4. Comprehensive library of eCRFs, edit checks, and custom functions​

5. Leading UI and workflow management​

6. No downtime​

7. Seamless mid-study changes, with site-level versioning​

8. Remote monitoring/remote SDV​

9. Facilitates risk-based and targeted monitoring​

10. Fully mobile-enabled with responsive design

11. Direct data capture​

12. Ease of integration​

13. Local and central lab data integration​

14. Central coding​

15. Standard, custom, and ad hoc reporting​

16. Secure, clean data​

17. Experienced and attentive project team​

18. Available as full-service and self-service options​

19. Part of a single, unified platform including eConsent, Telemedicine, RTSM, and ePRO

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an eSource EDC?​

Yes, eCaseLink EDC/DDC supports eSource data collection.  Our solution is fully mobile enabled with a responsive design that enables clear and easy use on a tablet or smartphone – so investigators can use the solution during on-site consultations, and nurses can use it during home visits.  Our solution enables the genealogy of data to be clearly identified – making it easy to distinguish data that is eSource and data that has been transcribed.​

Do you have an eCRF library?​

Yes, eCaseLink comes with a comprehensive library of eCRFs, edit checks and custom functions.  Our library speeds study builds by our project team, but the full library is also provided to self-service customers.​

Do you build EDC studies for us?​

Yes, at Signant we offer both full service and self-service EDC options.​

Do you support remote SDV?​

Yes.  Sites are able to upload source data evidence for remote review and sign off by the CRA.  This speeds SDV activity, and reduces the amount of travel time CRAs need to expend.​

Can eCaseLink EDC/DDC work alongside RBQM solutions? ​

Yes, eCaseLink EDC/DDC makes it easy to define risk-based approaches to SDV, and to adjust these at the click of a button as the study progresses and the risk profile of each  individual site is understood.​

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