Signant SmartSignals eConsent


Ensure patient comprehension and audit-ready consent documentation

Gain informed signatures

  • Eliminate audit findings
    Unlike paper consent forms, our digital platform eliminates ambiguities as well as provides a fully transparent and traceable time/date stamped process.
  • Ensure correct ICF versions
    You never have to worry about using older ICF versions – our consent solution takes care of it for you.
  • Error-free re-consenting
    Streamline the re-consenting process to meet study amendments, at home or at site.

Why choose Signant SmartSignals?



SmartSignals eConsent simplifies patient consent for studies at any scale with the industry’s leading platform for remote or on-site consent.



The flexible platform facilitates patient-investigator discussions, accelerates mid-study reconsenting, and guarantees the correct versions are used at all times.



From design to trial experience and document management, our robust SmartSignals eConsent solution lets participants make informed decisions and reduces burden for all.

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Signant SmartSignals Consent benefits everyone

  • Participants

Transforming the traditional paper consent form into an engaging digital experience, Signant SmartSignals eConsent supports various learning styles and checks comprehension. 

  • Sites & study collaborators

Say goodbye to multiple devices and logins – our Signant SmartSignals eConsent can be deployed with our eCOA, RTSM, and Patient Concierge solutions.

  • Sponsors

The intuitive interface provides a real-time, interactive picture of study progress, while the complete audit trail minimizes regulatory risks.

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You choose your involvement level

Our Gold or Platinum eConsent options are available in a self-service model, where you use your existing infrastructure to develop unique consent forms and documentation, and  have complete control over the consent process.  

Need more guidance? Add on project delivery services and our experienced operational delivery team will manage the entire process for you. 

Ask us about our Design and Consultancy Services which support your team in a self-service model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical trial eConsent?

Clinical trial eConsent (electronic informed consent) is a digital consent process that potential study participants undergo prior to enrollment as well as throughout the study to confirm their comprehension. eConsent may employ multiple electronic media to convey information related to the study and obtain informed consent. It can be used remotely or on site.

What types of studies can be supported by eConsent?

Our eConsent solutions can be used for traditional, site-based eConsent forms as well as remote, at-home consent forms. Signant’s tiered options support a wide range of clinical research studies – from Phase I studies to global Phase III studies.

Why should clinical researchers transition from paper-based consent forms to eConsent forms?

By switching from traditional forms to eConsent forms, sponsors can expect significant improvements, such as enhanced clinical data quality and traceability, minimized audit findings, real-time visibility and monitoring, increased site efficiencies, as well as a centralized document mangement.

How can clinical trials improve compliance with eConsent?

eConsent improves adherence in clinical trials by ensuring study participants sign the correct consent form version. It uses date and time stamps as well as real-time monitoring for better traceability.

Does your eConsent solution offer data integration tools and clinical data exchange with other systems?

Signant’s eConsent solution offers integration with our other clinical data solutions from our SmartSignal product suite, as well as with other eClinical systems.

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