Technology to help you change lives, not how people live.


At Signant Health, our goal is to improve the lives of patients, sites, and study teams worldwide by providing simple, intuitive technology that simplifies clinical trials for everyone. Founded in 2018 from the merger of CRF Health and Bracket, Signant Health has emerged as a new leader in clinical trials, one that understands the patient journey, and uses their 20+ years’ experience to create technology by clinicians for clinicians.

We’re able to execute that goal, due to our four core values that guide the experience for each and every customer.

  1. Make the Decision — At Signant Health, we know there is no time to admire problems. We must move quickly, overcome fear and complex hierarchies, and lean on facts to make choices as teams and individuals.
  2. Celebrate mistakesMaking mistakes grows us as leaders. We have created the space for each other to take risks & learn from our mistakes when they appear.
  3. Communicate transparently — Our knowledge as teams and individuals allows us to communicate clearly, revealing the road ahead.
  4. Count on usWe trust each other to be there when things are at their worst. Counting on each other, living and standing by our commitments will help us navigating tough times.



The combined company grows more in the first quarter together than either company achieved alone in 2018.

CRF Bracket launches as Signant Health, a unified patient technology organization focused on making it easier for sponsors and CROs to change patients’ lives.


Genstar Capital acquired CRF Health and combined it with Bracket to become CRF Bracket and deliver industry-leading patient-centric technology to improve the speed, reliability and insight of clinical research.


Bracket Acquires mProve Health to radically advance patient engagement in clinical trials.

Bracket releases CUBE™, a transformative interactive response technology (IRT) solution for the life sciences industry.


CRF Health achieves one million monthly patient interactions.


Bracket was created in 2011 through the merger of the Specialty Clinical Services and Clinical Technologies Group business units within United BioSource Corporation (UBC).


PharmaStar LLC, the predecessor to Bracket Global LLC, was founded.


CRF Health, formerly known as CRF Inc., was founded.


At Signant, we share a sense of responsibility for the social and environmental success of our communities and the human health of our employees and patients worldwide. Supporting organizations that improve the wellbeing of our planet and people is integral to our business.