Data Analytics

Data Review Workbench

Cleaner data, faster

Data management reimagined

  • Drive increased data accuracy
    Effortlessly clean and reconcile all sources of data holistically and in a timely manner to increase quality and accuracy.
  • Accelerate data management cycle times
    Leverage our user-friendly web interface to expedite data cleansing and validation – delivering analysis-ready data faster.
  • Increase efficiency through automation
    Reduce time-consuming, manual activities through automated data cleansing, validation, and discrepancy detection.
  • Standardize data checks and reconciliation
    Expand and leverage our rules library for standardizing data checks and reconciliation rules across studies.
  • Surface, review, and resolve data discrepancies
    Data discrepancies are automatically discovered and surfaced in real time, enabling data managers to resolve in a timely manner.
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Drive data management speed, accuracy, & efficiency


Comprehensive data management

Our source-agnostic data management tools put the power of aggregated and standardized data into the hands of data managers. Create rules to easily identify discrepancies and perform complex relationship checks in real time to drive cleaner, quality data.


Accurate & efficient data validation & reconciliation

Reduce human error and save time with automated data cleansing and validation. Our APIs and advanced expression builder ensure more accurate validation and reconciliation checks.


Discrepancy management

Surface data discrepancies automatically for data management curation and timely resolution.

Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

Simplify data management processes and reduce cycle times and ensure clean, consistent, and comprehensive trial data accessible in one place. With the growing volume and variety of data collected in today’s clinical trials, Signant SmartSignals Data Workbench empowers data managers to drive clean data faster, speeding time to analysis-ready datasets. Used together with our Clinical Data Hub, SmartSignals Data Workbench enables sponsors and CROs to eliminate time-consuming manual steps, as well as drive speed, efficiency, and accuracy in the data cleansing and validation process.

  • Deploy rapidly
    Get started in days or weeks using our SaaS-based offering.
  • Improve efficiency
    Reduce human error and save time with automated data cleansing and validation.  Eliminate time-consuming manual activities to empower data management teams to focus on curating and resolving data queries efficiently and effectively.
  • Harness the power of aggregated data
    Combining data sources in near real time using our Clinical Data Hub enables complete data validation and cleaning activities to be conducted through a single interface.
  • Perform complex relationship checks easily
    Use standardized data validation rules, including complex relationship checks between data sources, to surface data management considerations in real time.
  • Contain costs
    Our cloud-based SaaS solution enables you to harness the power of SmartSignals Data Management without significant IT investment.
  • Get comprehensive support
    Our customer enablement and support teams can assist every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources do you ingest?

We ingest data in any format, structured or unstructured, including (but not limited to) ODM, line listings, XML, JSON, SAS export, SAS data files, etc.

How do I use Signant SmartSignals Data Workbench?

SmartSignals Data Workbench is a SaaS solution, so we provide your data management teams with access to our online tools to define, curate, and manage everything from data checks to reconciliation findings and discrepancies. Data Workbench works with our Clinical Data Hub to ingest, standardize, and aggregate all of your clinical trials data in real time from multiple sources.

Want to learn more?

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