SmartSignals eCOA


Make it easier for patients and sites to provide high-quality clinical outcome assessments data

Don't risk your primary & secondary endpoint data

  • Eliminate errors
    Unlike pen and paper, our eCOA features built-in branching logic and error checks to eliminate ambiguous, conflicting, or missing data.
  • Ensure timely completion
    Visit windows as well as time/date stamps on entries demonstrate completion timeliness and satisfy regulatory data integrity requirements.
  • Limit missing data
    Drive remote completion adherence through helpful reminders and non-compliance alerts.
  • Enhance site-based data quality
    The digital collection method eliminates the administration errors and missing data associated with site-based paper-administered COA collection.

SmartSignals eCOA data are:



Digital assessments mean you no longer have to decipher handwritten responses. 



Built-in logic checks and rules keep data clean. 



Unique patient-specific credentials assign entries to each patient. 


Accurate & timely

Completion windows and time stamps guarantee data is collected at specific time. 

Why choose SmartSignals?

With SmartSignals eCOA, you get so much more than advanced technology. You’ll gain access to Signant Health’s team of subject matter experts and data analysts who can help you navigate common trial complexities. Our industry-leading cyber security prevents your data from being compromised.

  • In-house scientific and clinical experts implement and develop instruments according to best practices.


  • Our proprietary design tool previews your custom COA as it’s being created.


  • Woffer flexible deployment to support provision devices, the web, or a patient’s personal device (BYOD).


  • Signant’s extensive eCOA library of scales ensures the quality, validity, and speed of implementation.


  • Preconfigured eCOA packages accelerate deployment, while ensuring quality and cost efficiency.


  • Our unmatched global logistics skills help you manage device installation, inventory, and international shipments so that devices arrive ready on time in any country.


  • The complete audit trail provided permits authorized personnel to explore real-time data through interactive reports in just a few clicks.


  • Helpdesk representatives offer 24/7 support when it matters most.   

Want to learn more?

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