eCaseLink.Me eCOA

Rapid-to-implement eCOA backed by the scientific expertise of Signant Health​

Convenient, flexible clinical data capture for modern trials

A modern, flexible electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) solution for high-quality, reliable, and compliant site- and home-based data collection​


Whether using our full-service option or building their own eCOA studies using self-service, our customers love eCaseLink.Me​​

Rapid set up​

  • Implementation in 4-6 weeks *
  • Highly-configurable, no-software-coding designer​
  • Growing eCOA library and ease of reuse

* Excluding translations timelines, when needed


Ubiquitous Access

Browser-based responsive design offers ease of access:

  • Patients use intuitive app for simplified access to eCOA – no URLs to remember
  • In-app notifications and audible alarms drive on-time completion
  • Choice of personal devices (also called BYOD) or devices provided by Signant


Exceptional service

  • Full-service and self-service customers are delighted by our attentive service. We do the heavy lifting, leaving your team to focus on other aspects of running a trial
  • No customer is too small, and no question unimportant. Our project managers and support teams are on your side


Backed by eCOA expertise of Signant Health

  • Science – Our experienced eCOA science team ensures optimal design and best-practices are implemented
  • Logistics – Our in-house logistics service ensures all sites and patients across the globe receive fully-configured and tested devices on time
  • Translations and scale management – Signant experts work with scale authors and translation vendors to ensure right scales, with right versions, and reliable translations 
  • Patient-facing helpdesk – Our 24/7, multilingual helpdesk ensures sites and patients have the support they need, when they need it


Why choose Signant’s eCaseLink.Me eCOA​​

  • Rapid setup
  • Easy to use, and loved by users
  • Consumer-grade patient experience
  • Completion alarms and compliance monitoring
  • Delivered with attentive project management
  • Backed by scale and experience of Signant Health
  • Comprehensive full-service, and efficient self-service
  • Part of a single, unified platform including EDC/DDC, RTSM, eConsent, Televisit and Participant Tracker


What is an eCOA Clinical Trial?

An eCOA clinical trial uses technology to accelerate clinical outcome assessment (COA) data collection, and ensure data of high quality and integrity for reliable inference making. More sponsors are choosing eCOA for their clinical trials to gain a better understanding of how patients feel and function in near real-time.

What is the difference between eCOA and ePRO?

An Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) is a measure of how a patient feels, functions or survives, collected through an electronic solution. There are four types of eCOA: Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome (ePRO), Electronic Clinician-Reported Outcome (eClinRO), Electronic Performance Outcome (ePerfO), and Electronic Observer-Reported Outcome (eObsRO). Patients participating in a clinical trial use an ePRO solution to complete patient-reported outcome measures and diaries to report their symptoms and experiences. These data are used in the ongoing oversight of patients throughout the clinical trial by the investigators and staff at a clinical site, and often comprises important study endpoints to inform regulatory decision making and medication labelling.

Which devices are supported?

eCaseLink.Me uses responsive design technology, which provides ubiquitous access, i.e. you can use it on any device that is connected to the internet – you are not restricted to a particular device for access. It supports all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Signant also offers other eCOA solutions, which can be used when not connected to the internet. Our experts will help select the best solution for your study.

Can Signant implement ClinROs using eCaseLink.Me?

Yes, investigators can use the direct data capture capabilities of the eCaseLink solution to capture eClinROs at sites or during remote visits.

Is eCaseLink.Me part of a wider eClinical platform?

Yes, eCaseLink.Me eCOA is part of the wider eCaseLink unified platform. The unified platform offers rapid setup, and a comprehensive solution for EDC/DDC, eCOA, RTSM, eConsent, TeleVisit and Participant Tracker.

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