SmartSignals eCOA

Sensors & Wearables

An effortless way to gain deeper insights  

How do Sensors & Wearables work?

Sensors and wearables make it easier than ever for patients to provide reliable data. Patients simply wear a device that uses sensors to track objective measurements, including biometric data, activity levels, and sleep records. The collected data is then available on our cloud-based platform for analysis. It’s that easy.   


Why choose SmartSignals?

Mobile health sensors and wearable devices collect valuable insights into the treatment effects beyond routine clinic visits. Our integrated wearables and mobile sensors collect objective data for endpoint studies without burdening the patients or sites.  

SmartSignals Sensors & Wearables will help you remotely monitor patient safety, understand real-world behavior, collect data at more frequent intervals, and conduct a virtual study. 

Integrate with SmartSignals eCOA 


Single platform approach

This single platform approach simplifies data collection workflows. Investigators and sponsors can review quality-of-life and eCOA data together for an integrated, real-time review of patients’ health status.



Drives endpoint quality

It also drives endpoint quality by providing data-driven notifications and reminders to prevent missing data.

Connected devices integrate with our SmartSignals eCOA:


  • Flash glucose monitors
  • Continuous glucose monitors
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Spirometers
  • Smart inhalers
  • Sleep monitors
  • Activity monitors


Want to learn more?

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