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Signant SmartSignals® Unified Platform RTSM Solution

Optimize medication use and simplify study management with our quick-to-build RTSM system, backed by the technical expertise of Signant Biotech.

A modern, web-based RTSM solution you can rely on, even for the most complex studies

A robust and reliable technology solution to automate medication supply chain processes and optimize trial supply management strategies, and ensure medication is available at the right time for all patients, at all sites, while maintaining study blinding.

Four reasons customers love our RTSM module

Whether using our full-service option or building your own RTSM studies using self-service, our customers love this RTSM solution.​​

Robust, reliable randomization

Maintain trial statistical integrity with robust, reliable randomization including a range of methodologies available such as stratification.

Convenient and transparent emergency unblinding.

Supported by Signant’s biostatistical experts providing randomization methodology consulting, list creation, and randomization QC.

Optimal medication supply chain management

  • Demand-driven medication supply chain management using algorithms including threshold resupply, predictive resupply, and custom algorithm support.
  • Resupply algorithm driven by real-time EDC patient and recruitment status.
  • Simple and complex study designs and supply chains handled with ease.
  • Avoid partial unblinding pitfalls through our experienced implementation team.
  • Simple workflow for sites and supply managers.
  • Simplified supply chain processes with depot and clinical manufacturing organization (CMO) integrations.


Exceptional service

  • Full-service and self-service customers are delighted by our attentive service. We do the heavy lifting, leaving your team to focus on other aspects of study start up.
  • No customer is too small, and no question unimportant. Our project managers and support teams are on your side.

Backed by the RTSM expertise of Signant Health

RTSM design – Study designs are supported by our experienced RTSM implementation experts who ensure that best-practice standards are applied, and common pitfalls avoided.

In-house biostatistics – Our in-house statisticians provide expert consulting on randomization methodologies and their implementation, helping sponsors ensure the optimal solution. They also provide list creation, QC, and management, and ongoing randomization verification.

Operational scale – Supported by the operational scale and global reach of Signant Health.

Why choose Signant’s integrated platform RTSM module?​

1. Easy to use, and loved by users

2. Rapid setup

3. Comprehensive randomization and medication management capabilities

4. Full chain of custody visibility and drug accountability

5. Attentive, experienced project management

6. Comprehensive full service, and efficient self-service

7. Backed by the scale and experience of Signant Health

8. Part of a single, unified platform including EDC/DDC, eCOA, eConsent, TeleVisits, and Participant Tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTSM in Clinical Trials?​

RTSM stands for randomization and trial supply management. It refers to a technology solution used in clinical trials to control patient randomization and manage drug dispensation.​
RTSM stands for randomization and trial supply management. It refers to a technology solution used in clinical trials to control patient randomization and manage drug dispensation.

What is the purpose of randomization in clinical trials?

Randomization is a method of experimental control that prevents selection or accidental bias. Randomization forms the basis for statistical tests.

What is clinical trial supply management?

Clinical trial supply management is typically a computer-controlled system used in clinical trials to dispense and manage site inventories.

Can I use Unified Platform RTSM to unblind a subject?

For double blind trials, our RTSM solution enables a function for authorized users to unblind a patient in an emergency. The user manual and/or study monitor can provide additional guidance.

Is this part of a wider eClinical platform? ​

Yes, this RTSM solution is part of a wider, integrated Unified Platform. This provides a single rapid set-up, comprehensive solution for EDC/DDC, eCOA, RTSM, eConsent, TeleVisits and Participant Tracker

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