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Rater Training & Qualification

A proven approach to ensure scoring consistency and endpoint quality 

Modern rater training & clinical data quality management

Limiting intra- and inter-rater variability is essential to generate reliable endpoints when clinician rating scales are involved. The success of multicenter studies relies on the standardization of rating methodology, including training, qualification, and ongoing assessment of individual clinical raters.     

Reliable data depends on consistent administration and scoring outcomes. This makes rater training, qualification, and in-study quality reviews critical to every study.   

Why choose SmartSignals?

To prevent costly outcomes or failed trials, choose our fully customizable training program. Our case-oriented approach targets areas commonly scored erroneously to increase the accuracy and reliability of ratings. SmartSignals Rater Training & Qualification focuses on adherring to scale rules, reducing placebo response, improving techniques, and using annotated anchor points.

By standardizing the scoring through comprehensive training, we limit intra- and inter-rater variability as well as reduce variance in clinical endpoints.

We improve scoring consistency in three simple steps:


Ensure Accuracy

Ensure accurate scale administration and scoring through comprehensive training programs



Standardize administration and scoring by assessing rater performance and retraining as needed



Check out our Central Rating services

Central or remote rating provides quality data when specific protocols or off-site assessments are necessary. Maintaining a global network of trained central raters, Signant Health supports the identification, contracting, training, scheduling, data collection, and quality oversight of raters. 

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