Data Aggregation

Signant SmartSignals Clinical Data Hub

Standardized data in one place

Ingest, standardize, and aggregate real-time data from multiple sources in one convenient location.

Data captured in many places, now in one place

  • Organize the growing volume, variety, and diversity of clinical trial data
    Ingest, standardize, and aggregate data in real time from multiple sources.
  • Deploy in weeks, not months
    Rapidly and accurately incorporate new and revised data sources in days or weeks using our configurable, cloud-based platform.
  • Manage structured and unstructured data
    Machine learning powers rapid and efficient data mapping, transformation, and standardization​, accelerating you on the path to insights.
  • Enable continuous data insights
    Gain actionable in-trial insights from our data lake using our visualization tools or your own.
  • Drive AI-assisted data management
    Layer complex data checks, cross-study validation, reconciliation, and discrepancy management using our additional AI-assisted data management tools and rules library.

Empower your data management teams

  • Clinical Data Hub is provided with a powerful data management workbench that enables your data managers to curate and manage the ingestion, standardization, and aggregation of your data.
  • Out-of-the-box adapters enable efficient, repeatable integrations with common clinical trial technologies.
  • We use proprietary algorithms to aggregate disparate data sources, while our data mapping workbench enables data managers to leverage existing sponsor SAS libraries and evolve reusable mapping libraries based on machine learning algorithms.
  • Data managers can configure exports of aggregated data using industry standard data models, such as SDTM, or define their own sponsor-specific formats.
  • Layer your own data visualization and validation tools, or add ours, to ensure timely medical and management review, risk-based quality monitoring, as well as early signal detection to drive clean, quality data faster.

Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

Rapid deployment

Deploy in days or weeks using our SaaS-based offering.

Fully automated

Built-in machine learning means that our solution quickly and accurately learns the data mappings needed, to drive greater efficiency.

Deeper insights

Combining data sources in near real time enables richer, in-trial insights and simplifies everything from medical review and risk-based quality monitoring to early signal detection. Use our visualization tools or your own. Easily combine with historic data for deeper insights on site performance and selection.

Contained costs

Our cloud-based SaaS solution enables you to harness the power of our Clinical Data Hub without significant IT investment.

Vendor-agnostic capability

Use Clinical Data Hub with data sources generated by Signant Health products or any other technology vendor.

Expert support

Get ready to go rapidly with our customer enablement and support teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources does the Clinical Data Hub ingest?

The Clinical Data Hub ingests data in any format, structured or unstructured, including (but not limited to) ODM, line listings, XML, JSON, SAS export, and SAS data files.

What data formats does the data platform export?

Clinical Data Hub transforms the aggregated source data into industry-standard models, such as SDTM, E2B R2, and ADaM, to user-configured, custom data model formats.

How do I use the Clinical Data Hub?

Clinical Data Hub is a SaaS solution, so we provide your data management teams with access to our online workbench to curate and manage the ingestion, standardization, and aggregation of your clinical trial data in realtime from multiple sources. Out-of-the-box adapters provide integration with a growing number of commonly used clinical trial technology solutions, but our team can rapidly configure new adapters for new integrations as needed.

How do I visualize my data in your data lake?

You can easily use your own visualization tools to reveal insights from your data in real time, or leverage our comprehensive analytics and risk-based monitoring solution for clinical trial oversight.

Want to learn more?

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