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Signant SmartSignals Engage

Patient Concierge

Simplify participation for patients and boost protocol compliance

Keep patients informed

  • Keep patients on track
    Reminders, visit schedules, and visit information ensure patients are equipped throughout the entire study.
  • Simplify patient participation
    A single app for eCOA and patient engagement uncomplicates the patient experience.
  • Facilitate site-patient communication
    All communications between site and patient are fully traceable and auditable.

Patient engagement technology
vs traditional methods

The most informed patients are often the most engaged. Patient engagement can therefore make the difference between early drop out or missed assessments and a successful completion.
Our solution provides a single touchpoint that integrates study commitments into the patient’s daily life. By simplifying a study’s participation requirements, you’ll improve retention rates.

Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

Pioneering mobile patient engagement, our regulatory compliant app enhances the level of communication between sites and patients while reducing current burdens.

Its flexible architecture and interactive multimedia capabilities help patients retain information and complete study activities. Plus, everything – from reference materials to reimbursement and condition details – is kept in a single convenient place.

You’ll gain access to Signant Health’s in-house creative team for custom content.

To serve all learning styles, our expert team converts the targeted and culturally adapted content into audio, video, graphics, and text.

At Signant, we listen to what patients, sites, and sponsors want.

Convenient features ensure study information such as contact information and directions through standard mapping, is at the patient’s fingertips. Requiring our SmartSignals eCOA, our Patient Concierge app works on your patients’ personal smartphones as well as provisioned devices.

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Signant SmartSignals Engage features:

  • A site-facing registration portal 
  • Image-based instructions 
  • Visit-by-visit details 
  • A comprehensive and adaptable library accessible even offline 
  • A personalized progress meter 
  • Automated and ad hoc, behavioral reminders in local languages via traceable SMS, email, or push notification
  • Flexible visit scheduling interface 

Go remote through
on-demand video visits

Patient engagement in clinical trials can be a challenge when on-site visits are less frequent or not possible. Now more than ever, studies need to offer flexible approaches to at-home consultations and follow-up visits. Offering the industry’s leading security, our patient engagement app integrates video calling that builds face-to-face rapport within a secure, encrypted meeting – it’s the perfect solution for when on-site visits are less frequent or not possible. Plus, audit logs track the date, time, duration, and participants present. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is patient engagement?

Patient engagement is keeping study participants involved throughout the clinical trial. Our data management solution achieves this by offering a site-facing registration portal, on-demand video visits, comprehensive offline study library, flexible visit scheduling interface, visit related content, site details, automated schedule of notifications, and built-in video recordings for applicable studies. Our Patient Concierge is available on BYOD or a provisioned device with eCOA.

How do you get patients engaged in clinical trials?

The key to patient engagement is teaming routine communication with technology-enabled clinical solutions. Sites that provide educational, patient-friendly content on the clinical trial using today’s digital methods will pique patients’ interests and make it easier for them to respond.

How do you engage clinical trial patients in telehealth?

Telehealth’s face-to-face conversations naturally heighten clinical trial patient engagement while at home. Our telehealth solution features screen-sharing capabilities to build the patient’s knowledge regarding their own health, while built-in reminders and notifications promote interactions between the site and patient.

Are your patient engagement platform and eCOA functionality integrated?

Our eCOA and patient engagement solutions can integrate to work as a single touchpoint, so sites do not have to manage different systems and patients have a cohesive experience.

A professionally dressed female patient smiles at her phone in a park

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