SmartSignals Supplies

Supply Accountability

more efficient approach to managing reconciliation of study drugs and returns 

Control supply circulation

  • Reduce site burdens
    A web and mobile enabled system manages returns throughout the life of the study, allowing sites to increase their compliance while reducing the time required.
  • Maintain compliant & detailed records
    Incomplete or incorrect records are no longer an issue – you can be confident that all units will  be accounted for at the study close-out.
  • Be consistent
    Standardize your process and configure by exception when needed, all while presenting a  consistent experience across your portfolio.


Why choose SmartSignals?

Cloud-based to ensure optimal performance, our single solution was specifically designed for reconciliation, accountability, destruction, and returns. From its ability to standardize the returns process to configuring by exception, our Supply Accountability solution streamlines the entire process. Best of all, you can say goodbye to multiple logins and systems. Plus, no programming is required.

A single tool redefining the returns & destruction process

  • Offers the opportunity to create a study design visual  
  • Provides multi-level visibility into the supply chain efficiency and performance 
  • Analyzes the usage and waste across studies, programs, and the entire company 
  • Ensures consistency for IP returns management 
  • Permits you to define and update your own standards, which can be applied to future studies for consistency  
  • Differentiates between design and data within a study, ensuring design changes can be safely implemented without complex installation 
  • Allows you to create the study requirements and have the tool auto-generate the specification documentation required 

Choose between web & mobile approaches

Simply download our mobile app to scan barcodes and select supplies faster than ever before.  


Our dedicated app recognizes any barcode format, allowing you to move supplies through a simplified workflow.


Your sites can also locate supplies without needing to know where the supplies are in the process.


The mobile app's offline mode safeguards work in the event connectivity is lost.


Both the web and mobile approaches are intuitive and can be branded to your standards.

What to learn more?

Add supply accountability to your study to handle reconciliation and returns more efficiently – contact our team today.