SmartSignals eCOA

Cognitive Assessments

A precise way to detect subtle cognitive changes

Identify subtle cognitive changes

Computer-based cognitive assessments are widely accepted tools to measure drug efficacy, safety, and tolerability throughout the drug development process. SmartSignals Cognitive Assessments evaluate cognitive profiles of patients not only for CNS investigations but also for any study and any investigational product.


Why choose SmartSignals?

Cognitive Assessments are widely used and extensively validated electronic cognitive assessment battery. Designed for repeated use, it has unrivaled sensitivity and comprises a range of tests assessing essential cognitive domains relevant to everyday life activities such as:




Working memory


Episodic memory


Executive function tasks

How can Cognitive Assessments support my study?

  • SmartSignals Cognitive Assessments can be administered in less than twenty-five minutes by non-specialists. The battery content can be tailored to protocols’ needs, and data are automatically recorded to a secured database and immediately available for analysis.
  • Our scientific expertise and dedicated operational services that accompany the use of the SmartSignals eCOA system are key to understanding and assessing the effect of your drug/therapy on cognitive function.
  • SmartSignals Cognitive Assessments produce data that is more reliable and measurable than paper-based methods.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to see how Cognitive Assessments can be added to your study to assess the cognitive function of participants and obtain the evidence you need.