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Data Quality Monitoring

Accurate data for accurate outcomes  

Insight & oversight to guarantee evidence validity

Data quality monitoring detects risks to study success early, enabling corrective intervention before errors erode confidence in the validity of study outcome. Most data quality monitoring occurs at three levels:  

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Why choose Signant SmartSignals?

While many companies in our industry provide some of the capabilities that our team can and with varying degrees of efficacy, Signant Health is unique in our comprehensive, full-service approach to clinical trial evidence generation and management including:   

  • Unmatched data quality monitoring and analytics using advanced visualization tools that can aggregate data from a multitude of sources including eCOAElectronic Clinician Ratingsand Rater Training & Qualification systems 
  • Expert analysis, interpretation, and intervention recommendations by our full-time, in-house clinical science, medicine, and data science leaders
  • Full spectrum of data collectionoutcomes assessment, and end-to-end trial management technologies

How can I add Data Quality Monitoring to my study?

Data Quality Monitoring can be added to your study as Blinded Data Analytics or Outcome Analytics depending on your study’s needs. The former includes deep analysis, review, and intervention recommendations by our clinical and data science teams, while Outcome Analytics provides your team with access to the data so you can perform your own analyses.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data quality monitoring?

Data Quality Monitoring is an in-study risk monitoring solution used in clinical trials to ensure data quality and validity during collection, aggregation, storage, and analysis.

What is the importance of data quality in clinical research?

Data quality in clinical trial research is critical to understanding if a potential drug is safe and effective.

How do you ensure data quality in clinical research?

Data quality can be validated through source data verification audits, data quality checks during the study, and through independent reviews of clinical assessments by trained experts.

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