Have you been considering your upcoming study’s supply chain strategy? You’ll want digital tools that are designed for your specific trial. Look no further than Signant’s SmartSignals RTSM and Supplies solutions.  

How does RTSM support clinical trials? 

A Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) system leverages technology and sophisticated algorithms to efficiently support your study-specific needs – from managing the randomization of patients and treatment assignment to resupplying sites in a scalable manner.  

In addition to ensuring the right drug is delivered to the right site, an RTSM solution cuts costs by focusing the supply chain to only where it is needed. Clinical studies that distribute medication to sites without an RTSM solution can expect much greater overage and waste.  

An effective RTSM solution supports: 

  • Statistically accurate treatment arm allocation while maintaining appropriate blinding 
  • Delivering the right drug to the right patient 
  • End to end supply chain management including accountability, returns, & destruction 

How does RTSM benefit trial supply management? 

A demand-driven RTSM solution is custom configured to optimize the needs of the specific protocol being supported. This benefits the study management team by providing clear visibility and control over their supplies, tailored to the unique needs of the study.  

To further expand the capabilities of the clinical supply team, RTSM may be combined with the SmartSignals Supplies platform, which is an enterprise level system providing: 

  • Accurate forecasts using real-time recruitment 
  • A consolidated, global view of supplies across trials 
  • Drug pooling 

How does SmartSignals Supplies platform benefit clinical supply chain?  

The solutions that comprise our Supplies solution suite – Forecasting & PlanningClinical Supply ChainSupply Accountability – work together to streamline clinical supply chain management. When study teams manage their vital medications and supplies better, they can avoid delays, waste, and cost overruns. 

Why integrate SmartSignals™ RTSM with the Supplies solutions? 

When integrated, SmartSignals RTSM and Supplies works as an out-of-the-box system, ready for end-to-end clinical supply chain enhancements through: 

  1. Gobal visibility at all levels 

Gain real-time visibility on depot and site inventory as well as actual recruitment in one system.  

  1. Standardized processes 

Make sure you meet regulatory requirements by centralizing QA processes in an enterprise system which automates release into the RTSM solution.     

  1. Enhanced efficiencies 

Reduce your team’s workload, so they can focus on essential tasks, such as GXP compliance.  

  1.  Direct-to-Patient support 

Optimize drugs by directing the supplies you already have on hand before manufacturing  more, preventing overages and waste.  

Our team can help with your next study’s clinical supply chain strategy. Contact us to learn more.  

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