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Signant SmartSignals Virtual Monitoring

Virtual Video Site Visits

Your sight away from site 

Conduct study site startup, monitoring, and closeout visits using using Virtual Video Site Visits.

Fewer on-site monitoring visits

  • Improve operational efficiency
    Optimize site and CRA time through virtual monitoring and site inspection using our VirTrial proprietary smart glasses and video interface.
  • Reduce the cost and time involved in travel
    Save days and dollars by reducing the travel associated with on-site monitoring visits.
  • Enable continued operation
    Facilitate site monitoring where local travel restrictions make this difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How can I use virtual video site visits in my study?

Virtual Video Site Visits is a first-of-its-kind site selection, initiation, monitoring, and closeout solution consisting of three primary features:

Live, first-person video site tours and visits

Study coordinators livestream what they see to a study monitor in a remote location using proprietary eyewear technology that provides an HD wide-angle, first-person view of the site. The study monitor can live chat with the study coordinator and capture screen shots, photos, and other documentation during the tour which get automatically assembled into a trip report. Up to ten additional guests can be added to the video tour session to streamline the interview process.

Site relationship management dashboard

Study monitors or CRAs can easily view and filter sites, manage their statuses dynamically, track checklist tasks, and chat with sites before and during visitsincreasing productivity for all stakeholders and reducing time and costs to the study. 

File management repository

Scan, upload, and exchange source data, checklists, audits, licenses, CVs, reports, and other important site management documents to eliminate the tedium and version control issues inherent in traditional file exchange methods.

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With virtual video site visits:

We provision, package, and ship study kits direct to sites anywhere in the world and train study staff to conduct virtual site surveys and interviews so you can use the solution immediately with little setup. 

Study monitors and CRAs can tour up to three sites per day without the time and cost investments, decreasing study startup by weeks or months. Closeout is simple when study staff can review final logs, interview staff, and confirm collection and storage or destruction of investigational products without the hassle and logistics of travel.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual clinical trial?

Virtual clinical trials use technologies and devices, such as tablets, smartphones, sensors, and wearables to collect data as well as remotely monitor the health and wellbeing of patients. By allowing clinical trial patients to remotely check in with site staff and complete study activities, virtual/decentralized trials reduce burdens for all.

What are the benefits of remote patient monitoring?

The benefits of remote patient monitoring include providing real time clinical trial patient data, reducing the number of in-person clinic visits and the associated cost, making clinical trial participation easier for patients, as well as improving the site staff’s overall efficiency. By collecting data electronically in real-time, the health and well-being of patients can be more closely followed, and may help identify patterns in the patient’s condition. The use of video consultations or telehealth in clinical trials also helps to reduce common burdens.

Are sites able to zoom in or out with the virtual glasses?

At this time, the smartglasses do not have the capability to zoom in or out. The wearer would simply need to move the item or label closer to the camera.

Do you have any integration with clinical sensor technologies?

The smartglasses can integrate with any device recognized by a computer as an audio or video input. Other clinical trial devices can be integrated per clinical trial or as requested.

What if the Principal Investigator or the site coordinator completing the virtual tour wears prescription glasses?

We offer a special design that accommodates users with prescription glasses.

A young man smiles and holds a pencil ready to write down notes

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