Improving Data Quality in Dermatology Clinical Trials

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Primary or secondary endpoints in dermatological clinical trials, especially eczema, psoriasis or acne, are often outlined in clinician-reported clinical outcome assessments. This is due to few investigational tests available for many skin diseases. However, several aspects of dermatological symptom rating are prone to variability due to the nature and presentation of dermatological symptoms.

The second part of this webinar will focus on how to overcome these limitations and how to accurately and reliably standardize symptom assessment through rigorous clinician training. Another tool to improve data quality in dermatology studies is the use of blinded data analytics, which allows timely identification and management of data quality risks in clinical trials. The webinar will close with an outlook at future directions.

Watch this webinar on demand to hear about key topics including:

  • Value of electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) and electronic clinician-reported clinical outcomes assessments for dermatology studies
  • Rater training in dermatology
  • Use of analytics in dermatology studies