• Video meetings for site-patient assessments
  • Remote consent and patient engagement
  • IRT deployed in days, not weeks
  • Global eCOA on a proven platform
  • Scientific guidance and endpoint data quality


The world of clinical research, and the world itself, is rapidly changing. One silver lining benefit of the many challenges presented by the global pandemic may be the emphasis on providing patients with a choice on how they want to participate – at the site, at home, or on the road. Today, we sit somewhere between traditional site-based trial designs and the hypothesized fully virtual studies of the future. Let us help you enable remote communication, consent, data capture and more as your trials evolve to give patients control of their own experience… because what’s good for your patients is good for your trial.



Our team is honored to support customers running more than 20 trials for COVID-19 vaccine and drug candidates, as well as scores of studies that are quickly adapting to remote realities. Whether you need to launch a trial in record time or you want to maintain trial continuity when patients stop visiting sites, we have the remote technology + scientific and data expertise to ensure you succeed.

Video Meetings - Patient Engagement

Video Meetings and Patient Engagement

In April 2020, we launched virtual video meetings integrated directly into our market-leading patient engagement mobile app, TrialGuide, to help our customers with study continuity during the global pandemic. Now it is easier than ever for patients and sites to remain in active contact no matter where they are using a single app for video meetings, SMS and email messaging, site and virtual visit schedule management, medicine compliance alerts, resource libraries, caregiver support, third-party patient stipend balances, gamification, patient surveys, consent documents, and more. Using TrialGuide, sponsors keep their trials top of mind with patients worldwide.


Remote Consent

Electronic informed patient consent transforms the enrollment process by presenting otherwise confusing study information in a welcoming and intuitive way. It becomes even more powerful by increasing what can be accomplished by the patient while at home. TrialConsent allows patients to conduct all or some of the consenting (and re-consenting) process at home at their own pace – in addition to options for self-service or full-service consent design tools, a range of digital signature and print-to-sign capabilities, and a device-agnostic platform. From simply providing patients access to materials for pre-reading, to conducting the entire process including phone or video consultation with site staff ahead, TrialConsent ensures patients make informed participation decisions wherever they may be.

IRT in days, not weeks

Rapid-Deploy IRT

Some trials, such as COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, simply can’t wait for typical startup timelines. We respect and appreciate the unprecedented speed at which industry is moving, and we’re proud to play a small but important role in getting customers up and running, and enrolling patients, with reliable IRT deployed in 5-15 days – that’s 60% faster than even the most accelerated modern IRT providers. We’re changing what’s possible with IRT with an adaptive and statistician-led approach using decision design cycles, strategic operational alignment, dynamic supply algorithms with country-level controls, and more. If you want to begin enrolling patients faster than ever before, we’re ready to support you.


A Trusted eCOA Platform

We pioneered the use of eCOA to capture and manage reliable patient data from around the world more than twenty years ago, and we are still innovating today. Our TrialMax platform, available on provisioned or BYOD devices, utilizes structure response options, time-stamp requirements, robust reminders, accessibility features, a graphical user interface, branching logic, and real-time edit checks to ensure logical, legible, complete, and attributable data you can trust. But technology is not enough – we ensure success with a dedicated science leadership team and over two decades of proven experience with scale translation and management, global logistics, data reporting management, and special considerations for therapeutic areas and patient populations. We also enhance our eCOA system with sensors and wearables integrations, a comprehensive eCOA library, blinded data analytics, and eConsent and patient engagement on the same device. Simply stated, sponsors and CROs of all sizes rely on Signant Health when they need eCOA data they can trust.

COVID-19 Compendium - white papers

Scientific Guidance and Data Analytics

The potential of transitioning swiftly from site-based assessments to include remote patient interactions cannot be solved by virtual technology alone – it requires a reasoned and rigorous approach to science and data quality considerations. Fortunately, Signant Health’s team of thought leaders, comprised of experienced scientists, clinicians, technologists, and data experts, are here to support you. In addition to providing complimentary consulting, our subject matter experts have created a compendium of remote trial white papers covering critical topics including how to ensure data quality of remote assessments, how to mitigate the impact of mixing modes of data capture, and how to manage unique circumstances such as pediatric/caregiver studies, Alzheimer’s Disease trials, and more.


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