Site Perspectives on BYOD ePRO Use

Date Published:

Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) are increasingly included in drug development programs to capture participants’ perspectives on a variety of domains as well as to support labelling claims. This trend coincides with increasingly decentralized study designs and accelerated technology adoption.

As a result, electronic PRO (ePRO) data capture methods are now standard, having proven to offer benefits to all stakeholders. For example, sponsors can collect more and better-quality data from more participants while improving adherence to study requirements, and participants experience fewer burdens and increased convenience. In addition, ePRO offers flexibility in terms of how data are captured, but prompts questions about device selection and modalities.

To investigate sites’ perspectives on one such modality, Signant’s Therapeutic Advisor, Katie Garner, conducted research to better understand their preferences with respect to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approaches to ePRO.

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