Seeing is Believing: Applied AI for Enhanced Clinical Data Operations

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical trials is widely recognized as a pathway towards enhanced and optimized clinical development, but much of the discussion remains hypothetical or aspirational.

In this webinar, we will discuss use cases and practical applications available today to accelerate and advance clinical trial operations through data interoperability, automation, and data surveillance.

Expert panelists will explain and demonstrate how AI can be used to:

1. Automate data ingestion and transformation
2. Survey aggregate data to uncover errors or fraud
3. Identify and predict risk signals

Jan Breemans, Sr. Director, Signant Health
Alan Kott, MUDr., Practice Leader Data Analytics, Signant Health
Divya Ravishankar, Director Product Strategy, ThoughtSphere
Pankaj Manon, CTO & Co-Founder, ThoughtSphere