Moving Beyond the Spreadsheet: How to Forecast & Plan Enterprise Supply Needs

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Without precise forecasting and planning tools to support clinical trial supply needs, sponsors often send sites so much stock that it makes it difficult and time consuming for study teams to locate the patients’ correct treatments. Sponsors and sites have historically used various, disconnected Excel spreadsheets to coordinate study participants and stock, but this outdated method fragments the supply and demand management. In addition, spreadsheets make it difficult for sites to accommodate mid-study changes, like recruitment and protocol amendments. 

To streamline the supply planning process, sponsors need an alternative to spreadsheets that offer better visibility and control over their clinical supplies.  

How do forecasting & planning solutions support enterprise supply needs? 

Signant’s Forecasting solution translates protocols into accurate, long-range predictions. Our Planning solution then aggregates supplies at the study level or across multiple programs before triggering the necessary manufacturing requests. Together, these two applications efficiently populate data, update demand, allocate stock, and manage enterprise supplies. 

Unlike traditional spreadsheets, digital forecasting and planning solutions deliver the necessary supplies on time and with an optimal shelf life, so you never have to worry about missed doses or adherence issues. For some patients, receiving investigative drugs on time means the difference between controlling their condition and developing a life-threatening resistance to the therapy. 

Why choose Signant’s digital solutions? 

Applying over 20 years of experience supporting clinical trials at every scale, Signant helps you meet the supply needs for ongoing and future research by ensuring your study participants have the right stock at the right time.   

Components of Signant’s SmartSignal Supplies suite, the Forecasting & Planning solutions take care of the scheduling using one easy-to-use interface. We designed the two solutions to respond to clinical trial changes and factor in the unknown, so you can start the process as early as you want with as much or as little detail at any point in time. Prevent expensive waste and save up to 20% on your annual budget by forecasting and planning more accurately. You can learn more about saving on your annual budget by reading our case study on AstraZeneca and MedImmune.  

As the industry’s only fully integrated platform for clinical supplies, our SmartSignals Supplies gives the desired, enterprise-wide visibility and complete control over supplies both at the study/program level as well as across your entire portfolio. Check out our other SmartSignals Supplies solutions, Randomization & Trial Supply Management (RTSM)Clinical Supply Chain Management, and Supply Accountability, to enhance the Forecasting and Planning solutions.   

Learn more in this case study.

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