How EDC Can Support Modern Clinical Trials

Date Published:

With increasing decentralization in several aspects of trial conduct and management – how can EDC solutions address the evolving requirements of modern clinical trials?

This webinar explores how modern EDC solutions can be increasingly used to support hybrid and decentralized approaches, including flexible assessment settings. Expert panelists discussed how EDC solutions assist modern working practices for study monitors and data managers, addressing these themes:

1️⃣ DDC challenges and opportunities
2️⃣ Remote SDV adoption and acceptance
3️⃣ EDC/DDC’s role in different settings, e.g., video consultations, remote nurse visits
4️⃣ Integration with eClinical ecosystems
5️⃣ The future of data cleaning and standardization

Watch the webinar below, and contact us to learn more about our EDC solution that has supported over 3,000 trials.