eCOA and the DCT Slope of Enlightenment

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Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) have become widely accepted in recent years. The life sciences industry is traditionally risk-averse when it comes to implementing new technologies, but COVID-19 and the need to continue trials throughout the pandemic accelerated DCT adoption.

Now post-pandemic, where does the industry currently lie on the adoption trajectory? While some sponsors may have arrived at the “trough of disillusionment” due to variable results from the application of less mature solutions, others have progressed up the “slope of enlightenment” with more positive experiences.

This International Clinical Trials article by Signant’s eCOA and clinical science experts Bill Byrom, PhD, Dan DeBonis, and Anthony Todd Everhart, MD, examines the “slope of enlightenment” phase of DCT adoption and how to get there.

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