Cariprazine Found to be Effective Adjunctive Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder

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Treating major depressive disorder can be challenging since many patients do not respond to initial antidepressant treatment, leading to continued disability. In this American Journal of Psychiatry podcast episode, Signant’s Clinical Vice President of Mood Disorders Gary Sachs discusses the demonstrated efficacy of adjunctive cariprazine as treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD). His article in the journal’s March issue shares additional study details.

Gary’s article and podcast share the results of a double-blind placebo-controlled phase 3 study that investigated the efficacy of cariprazine in significantly reducing depressive symptoms in adults with MDD and inadequate response to their ongoing antidepressant treatment. The study found that cariprazine had a favorable safety profile, associated with a low discontinuation rate in the study as well as relatively low mean weight increases.

To learn more about the study findings and how adjunctive use of cariprazine can address the unmet needs of MDD patients, tune into the podcast here. You may also download the article below.

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