Signant Health has over two decades of experience in designing, implementing and supporting complex, multilingual, global patient facing clinical trial applications through its leading eSource data platform.

When you use TrialConsent, you will benefit from our proven and extensive service-excellence including:

  • Robust global project management
  • Multi-lingual solution development and management
  • Experienced international logistics for site hardware provision and maintenance
  • Global 24/7 user support
  • Comprehensive training

TrialConsent has been developed through in-depth research with sites, patients, sponsors, IRBs and ECs. It offers a collaborative platform for developing and updating consent documentation and a real-time monitoring tool to track progress.

It can significantly reduce site burden by seamlessly managing documentation across multiple country and site versions, and can support recruitment and retention by ensuring patients are truly informed and providing a robust and engaging digital experience.

Watch the video and see how TrialConsent improves the patient experience.

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