PHILADELPHIA, PA – March 6, 2024 – Signant Health, the leader in evidence generation for modern clinical trials, announced today the release of key enhancements to its clinical supply management solutions, Signant SmartSignals® GxP Inventory and Signant SmartSignals® RTSM. Clinical research sponsors use these solutions to streamline investigational product (IP) and enterprise-wide supply chain management. At the core of the enhancements are functionality updates that provide integration capabilities for improved efficiency, visibility, and compliance across a study or program. 

SmartSignals GxP Inventory Essential+: End-to-End Inventory Visibility in a Single Platform 

Signant’s GxP Inventory solution centralizes visibility and control of clinical trial material creation, release, and distribution activities within a single system, and serves as a unified system of record for manufacturing and distribution.  

A newly available module within the platform, Essential+, now offers a pre-configured and cost-effective implementation option with built-in integration capabilities, designed for use on multiple trials or programs. The module seamlessly integrates with Signant SmartSignals® RTSM, enabling drug pooling functionality and workflow improvements to help sponsors efficiently trace, monitor, and control clinical IP inventory not only at the depot and site level within individual projects, but across an entire portfolio.  

Additional benefits of integration and workflow automation include reduced cycle times for crucial activities like drug release, expiry date updates, and product recalls, as well as reduced risk of errors. 

Leveraging Free Picking Using RTSM: Enhancing Flexibility and Efficiency 

The company’s latest release of Signant SmartSignals® RTSM introduces free picking functionality, offering a new level of flexibility and more efficient supply management over an entire program or compound. With free picking, the RTSM system requests supplies by quantity and the depot/ERP picks which kit numbers are to be shipped. This allows sponsors to optimize their manufacturing and distribution processes, leading to savings due to reductions in medication overage and wastage. 

The new functionality also provides a framework for just-in-time packaging, labeling, or even manufacturing at the time of the shipment request. Therefore, sponsors can more efficiently utilize IP before it expires, reduce stock-out risks, and minimize labeling and destruction costs. 

“In a clinical supply landscape characterized by fragmented, disparate systems with hidden risks and costs at every stage, our GxP Inventory Essential+ and RTSM solutions provide sponsors with the ability to reduce risk, improve visibility and traceability, and simplify workflows,” said Oli Cunningham, vice president clinical supply chain solutions. “Our latest product enhancements exemplify a commitment to providing sponsors with digitalization solutions that enhance efficiency, compliance, and overall trial success. The essential products now provide a great entry point into a GxP compliant solution for customers wanting a faster and more streamlined implementation of our platform.” 

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