PHILADELPHIA, PA – May 8, 2024 – Signant Health, the leader in evidence generation for modern clinical trials, announced today that it has substantially reduced implementation timelines for its flagship eCOA solution, TrialMax®. By leveraging process and technology enhancements, Signant’s operational teams can reduce the time it takes to go live with electronic patient-reported outcomes solutions by thirty percent or more.

Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have relied on Signant’s eCOA solution for over 20 years. The solution is known for its flexibility, reliability, scientific support, global logistics support, and ability to scale to any size trial, anywhere in the world. Traditionally, the time to bring the system live for patients and sites was commensurate with the operational complexity and trial design.

According to the company, customers can now benefit from this highly customizable eCOA solution along with Signant’s leading levels of science, scale, and service – delivered under much faster timelines.

“We are excited to offer customers the best of both worlds,” said Sanjiv Waghmare, Signant’s chief product officer. “They can get the fully featured, market-leading eCOA solution they already use and love, at a much faster pace. We believe this is especially meaningful as trial designs continue to increase in complexity. We want to ensure our customers hit their FPFV dates and start collecting high quality data without worrying about if their eCOA solution will be available.”

According to Waghmare, Signant’s engineering and operational teams identified areas where process enhancements and automation could dramatically reduce common implementation steps regardless of trial complexity. These steps cover all aspects of a typical eCOA timeline including study build, testing, translations, scale management, and validation.

“This is just the beginning of our efforts to deliver complexity at speed, with outstanding quality,” continued Waghmare. “We are also bringing additional efficiencies to our processes that will accelerate post-implementation support, including reporting, analytics, and data change management.”

Signant also offers a tenured solution for eCOA studies as part of its Signant SmartSignals® Unified Platform, which is fully integrated with EDC, RTSM, eConsent, and telemedicine. For more information about all Signant’s eClinical solutions, go to