Tiered electronic consent licensing options enable effective eConsent scale up across all studies and phases for traditional and decentralized clinical trials

PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 8, 2021 –
Signant Health, the leader in evidence generation for modern clinical trials, announced today expanded electronic informed consent offerings and enhanced capabilities with a new release of SmartSignals™ eConsent. Key product functionality updates and tiered license options provide sponsors with more control in obtaining electronic informed consent and reconsent for any study design.

Guided by a team of clinical science, medicine, and eConsent experts, Signant’s new SmartSignals eConsent solutions are available in three tiers of functionality: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The tiers are designed to help study teams more precisely match functionality and implementation models to meet their protocol, patient population, or study needs. Regardless of tier type, each supports full transparency and simplified workflows for global eConsent/reconsent for traditional, remote, or hybrid trials.

Having launched the rapidly deployable eConsent Silver level tier last month, Signant has built on this simple, PDF-based option with feature-rich Gold and Platinum licenses. Both can be implemented with a self-service model that includes onboarding training, or Signant’s project delivery specialists can manage the development and deployment processes for sponsors. Each subsequent tier includes additional, more interactive assessments and dynamic workflow capabilities to meet the wide range of protocol and disease complexities within traditional, virtual and hybrid trial designs.

“We know from our extensive experience implementing eConsent for hundreds of protocols, that a one-size-fits-all approach to eConsent does not reflect real-world clinical research needs,” said Sanjiv Waghmare, Signant’s chief product officer. “Based on sponsor feedback and our own research, Signant’s product and clinical science teams collaborated to develop eConsent options that meet particular requirements while producing regulatory-compliant, traceable audit trails. This enables sponsors to easily scale their use of eConsent by providing optimal solutions that meet the requirements of all studies and patient populations.”

The eConsent solutions are available as a stand-alone offering or can be combined with Signant’s other SmartSignals software and services, like eCOA, Telemedicine, RTSM, and Data Analytics. To learn more, visit https://hub.signanthealth.com/econsent/ .

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