A better option for multiple sclerosis COA (Clinical Outcome Assessment) data collection 

In 2018, Signant Health collaborated with University Hospital Basel to adapt the Neurostatus-Expanded Disability Status Scale (Neurostatus-EDSS) for electronic administration through our SmartSignals eCOA platform. Commonly used for multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder clinical trials, the digitized version of this instrument offers measurable improvements to data quality and reliability compared to traditional paper forms.


“Future clinical trials that use the electronic Neurostatus-EDSS will have a positive experience with improved consistency of the assessment data and reduced measurement noise. Further, all the information that study teams need is right there, at their fingertips and ready for evaluation.
Dr. Marcus D’Souza, Neurologist & Head of Neurostatus, University Hospital Basel 


In a detailed case study, we outline how the new electronic version of this clinical outcome assessment optimized study data quality and endpoint reliability in three clinical trials investigating multiple sclerosis treatments. Highlights from this case study include: 

  • Sponsor goals  Optimize instrument scoring accuracy and accelerate the administration process 
  • Obstacles – Complex, paper-based scales create the potential for scoring inconsistencies and the review process is slow with limited interactivity 
  • Results – Learn specifically how the electronic Neurostatus-EDSS reduced burdens on sites and participants, improved rater reliability, and minimized measurement noise 

Download the case study to discover how Signant’s eCOA platform, clinical services, and the close collaboration among stakeholders helped the University Hospital Basel deliver life-improving treatments to patients living with multiple sclerosis. 

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