This past week, Signant Health’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Connor, and Chief Operating Officer, Jason Martin, participated as panelists at the 2021 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit. The engaging symposiums explored ways to improve the clinical trial experience primarily from the site’s perspective.  

Sites, sponsors, CRO executives, and regulators partnered together to identify best practices through ideation sessions, workshops, and focus groups.

Here are the key takeaways to help you plan your next clinical trial:

  • Both sites and patients want technology options and flexibility to opt in or opt out.  
  • A single, patient-specific help desk is desired to alleviate sites from technology inquiries.
  • Telemedicine can improve retention rates (especially for long-term follow-up studies) by making participation fit into a patient’s daily life.
  • Study protocols that offer flexible participation options can increase patient participation.
  • To meet the growing interest in hybrid and decentralized trials, activities such as biologic sample collection and IP administration that were traditionally only completed on site can now be conveniently completed at a patient’s home with a home nurse. Sites and sponsors want to be sure that at-home data collection offers the same high value and consistency across patients.
  • Hybrid models may become the standard study design.
  • With people being attached to their phones, sponsors continue to evaluate the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach. Patients may prefer to use their own familiar cellphones over carrying an additional device and remembering to charge it.
  • Increases in protocol and trial conduct complexity are driving increases in the variety and volume of data generated, which many sponsors and sites are struggling to accommodate.

Outside the robust discussions between sites, sponsors, CROs, regulators and providers that the Summit afforded, perhaps the biggest impact was doing so in a live context. These conversations were richer and had more texture in person, so that in and of itself was demonstrable value that in previous years we all took for granted.

Scott Connor, Chief Marketing Officer
Panelist for the Hybrid Decentralized Trials: Critical Considerations Digitalization, Data & Technology discussion

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